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Clean Sport Supplements



Powerfoods International Pty Ltd (Vitalstrength) was the first Australian sports nutrition manufacturer to achieve accreditation as an INFORMED SPORT REGISTERED SITE, providing assurance to athletes of the high quality and integrity of the clean sport supplement products made and sold by Powerfoods International Pty Ltd.

The Australian facility used to manufacture Vitalstrength products undergoes stringent testing to screen for substances related to the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List to minimise the risk of banned contaminants finding their way into sport. Visit for further information and specific details of the testing processes.

Clean Sport Supplement Facility


In addition to being an Informed-Sport Registered Site, the Vitalstrength Clean Sport™ range provides elite athletes with sports nutrition products where a sample from every Clean Sport batch has been specifically tested. The products identified as part of the Clean Sport programme provide athletes with further confidence and peace of mind that the Vitalstrength Clean Sport range is appropriate for athletes who may be subject to substance testing.

* The Vitalstrength Clean Sport™ range consists of the following barcoded products.

Bar CodeVitalstrength Product
9320547004721 100% WHEY 2kg Vanilla Ice Cream (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004738 100% WHEY 2kg Chocolate Blast (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004745 MUSCLE 2kg Vanilla Ice Cream (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004752 MUSCLE 2kg Chocolate Blast (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004769 RAPID 2kg Vanilla Ice Cream (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004776 RAPID 2kg Chocolate Blast (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004783 16:00 NITROXL 330G Arctic Blue (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004790 AMINO BETADEX 330G Arctic Blue (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004806 BCAA 4:1:1 330G Unflavoured (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004813 BETA-ALANINE 330G Unflavoured (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004820 CREATINE 440G Unflavoured (CLEAN SPORT)
9320547004837 GLUTAMINE 440G Unflavoured (CLEAN SPORT)


Important Notice: Athletes subject to substance testing are advised to consult their relevant sporting body and carefully consider all the risks involved prior to taking any supplements.

Information in relation to WADA, Informed-Sport, Clean Sport ™ and national sporting organisations is subject to change without notice. Athletes are strongly advised to make their own enquiries to ensure decisions are appropriate and based on the latest available information, policies and regulations.


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